Wildlife Removal Snohomish, WA

Removing wildlife is not an easy thing to do. It’s a task that’s filled with plenty of health and safety risks. However, that’s what Pathfinder Wildlife Services, with professional wildlife removal near me, is best equipped to do. We’re here located in Snohomish, WA to help you out with your local wildlife removal, any wild animal control problems you may have, predator control as well as live animal trapping and dead animal removal.

Wild Animal Control

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Most of the situations involving wild animal control are actually more complicated than you may think. And it’s not recommended that you try the do-it-yourself route, especially if you don’t have a license.

If you ended up finding any wild animal in or around your home or you needed any animal damage repair services and so you started thinking “Is there any professional wildlife removal near me?” then you’ve come to the right place. We provide plenty of services in locations all over Washington state, including:

  • Marysville, WA
  • Arlington, WA
  • Stanwood, WA
  • Everett, WA
  • Bellingham, WA
  • Mt Vernon, WA
  • Oak Harbor, WA

Professional Wildlife Removal Near Me

professional wildlife removal near mestanwood wa

Our team of professionals is prepared to handle all kinds of wildlife. Ranging from rodents like beavers and squirrels to animals like bats and raccoons.

If you keep hearing strange sounds around your home when you’re the only one that’s around, you may have a wildlife problem. These animals can cause damage to your home. This includes chewed up wires, destroyed landscaping, mold and they even spreading some diseases that you can catch.

Local Wildlife Removal

local wildlife removal stanwood wa

We will do a complete job, all the way from the start, until the finish. And we use humane methods for our live animal trapping and predator control services. If we encounter any animals on your property outside of your house, you can count on us to carefully remove any wildlife without causing them harm. If there are any animals inside your home, we are going to inspect the entire house in detail, from the ground to the roof, to find all possible entrances. We will safely trap and remove the animal in the most humane ways possible.

Dead Animal Removal

dead animal removal arlington wa

And if you end up smelling something vile in your home or on your property, but you’ve already checked all your belongings, it might just be a dead animal. They can attract different diseases as well as vermin, along with other animals that can feed off the carcass. So, if you have any concerns about an animal in your home, our dead animal removal service will take care of it, whether it’s inside or outside of your home. Our dead animal removal service also offers roadkill removal service too.

Live Animal Trapping

live animal trapping stanwood wa

There are certain steps to take when it comes to professional wildlife removal. This is a service that we offer, and our licensed professionals can trap and remove any animal from your home. Starting from understanding the type of animal that’s causing the problem, to the actual trapping of the animal.

Predator Control

predator control stanwood wa

Our company also offers predator control services, which is a wildlife management method which aims to benefit your home and your area. Predators can seriously harm the livestock population, or attack pets around your property.

Animal Damage Repair

animal damage repair arlington wa

Aside from all the ways that we can help you get rid of any wildlife from your property, we are also here to help with any animal damage repair and restoration. After the animals have been relocated to a new home, there can be damages left to your own home. We understand there are other nuisances after the pests are gone, which is why we offer to repair any damages that were caused by the animals. So call today and solve your pest problems properly!


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